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With Emphasis On Using Bridesmaid Dresses Is A Good Idea

Le 26 November 2015, 02:43 dans Humeurs 0

light: for the use of light and the character charm of depicting particularly exquisite.More commonly used lamp lighting, and emphasized the bright and the character facial outline of the outline, the dimensional feeling of emphasizing the characters of stereo feeling and picture.

sleeveless tulle floor length beach wedding dress spaghetti straps open back ivory
Korean personal photos style:
One of the classic traditional style
Style characteristic: lighting is more complex, with emphasis on using bridesmaid dresses uk character of stereo feeling.Modelling and the scene is very concise
2 fashion and style restoring ancient ways
Style characteristic: bold attempt to contrast, to incorporate a variety of seemingly disparate style together.To shoot the light, the light intensity is weak, the color temperature change is big, easy to control the depth of field.
3 the aesthetic style of quietly elegant
Style characteristic: using realistic-looking digital background and different black bridesmaid dresses uk, with quietly elegant is tonal give priority to, elegant, pure and sweet feeling.

v neck ivory sleeveless floor length lace elegant a line beach wedding dress
4 the high-profile freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese style
Style characteristic: high profile, freehand brushwork, romantic, photos to let viewers feel emotions stretch from images and the aesthetic  of pleasure.

sexy v neck fit and flare ivory tulle slit beach wedding dress lace underneath

New Elements To Join The Flower Girl Dresses And Wedding Photography

Le 23 November 2015, 03:45 dans Humeurs 0

To high-end wedding photography in line with customer first service attitude, and constantly will be a brand new concept, new elements to join the flower girl dresses and wedding photography, make the whole series of photos of plasticity is higher, our new build tzu unforgettable memories forever.

open back off white flutter sleeve chiffon a line beach wedding dress panel train
Ti wedding was founded in 1997, the headquarters is located in a busy section of Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong and in shenzhen, and other mainland cities have stores.And has a high popularity overseas wedding photography company.Always led the trend of the flower girl dresses uk, in the early pioneering type Snapshot wedding photography services.Immediately after its release a sensation in the industry, successively in Hong Kong TVB satellite TV, cable TV, east Asia and so on each big media scramble to report, become the industry's most popular wedding photography company.Many celebrities, entertainment stars, sports stars take overseas wedding photos, star Grace, Grace Yip, singer Eric kwok, Vince and so on many are left in ti wedding happiness.

scalloped v neck sleeveless white satin and dotted tulle a line long wedding dress
Ti wedding all staff, make-up artists, photographers are ti your  staff, are not handed over to the local company or local, as have many years of experience in overseas wedding photography company, ti wedding elite team for all the Chinese around the world to create a moving image moments and trying, ti wedding everyone loves his own enterprise, they found their own life value here, this is their home.Ti wedding has been to inspire each employee potential, improve the quality of the staff, maximum limit arouse the wisdom of employees, realize the comprehensive development, so as to achieve the unity of one enterprise.

illusion short sleeve a line long white tulle beach wedding dress

What Pay Attention To The Point, Summer Bride Choose Wedding Dress?

Le 11 November 2015, 03:52 dans Humeurs 0

2 what pay attention to the point, summer bride choose wedding dress?
A: sorching summer, when the wedding day temperature over 35 degrees Celsius, generally do not recommend the couple involved in outdoor location shooting, all of them, and that the bride and groom are too hard, if must be taken, the best control within 40 minutes.The bride can choose snow spinning the short straight pendulum contracted vintage wedding dresses uk, wedding dress or the design feels stronger lace and yarn surface combined with fashion wedding dress, such clap a photo more fashion.When dress skirt is photographers threw up, lightsome marriage gauze fabrics must be by the feeling of the wind blowing through the summer.
elegant strapless sweetheart a line tulle lace wedding dress

3, the different shape of the bride how to choose suitable models?
Answer: different shape choosing simple wedding dresses uk practical law: (1) small size of the bride had better choose the princess cake type belt skirt wedding dress;(2) the tall fat bride had better choose to have wide shoulder straps, a word shoulder or one shoulder wedding dress;(3) busty bride choose contracted style strapless gown with;(4) chest small, tall bride can choose chest fold straight pendulum fishtail .

destination mermaid floor length cap sleeves backless lace wedding dress

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